Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Highlights: Super Soba Noodles, Many Mixed Breakfasts, Aroma Cafe

Finishing off the weekend at Aromá Cafe (4th street)
 The good ol' Med Plate. Let the Greek influence sink in. No Feta Cheese in exchange for Extra Falafel, Sweet N' Spicy Tea and #1 supplemental Tempeh from home (bad protein for good protein, or at least non-dairy less fatty protein). It all mixes together into yummy pitas and salad so well, Hummus, Tabouleh and all. Received in under five minutes!
More Fast Fuel, Almond Style
 Another somewhat simple bowl of easy and nutritious oatmeal to help get through the days training and events with the team. It was asking for maple but I didn't give in.
-Apple Cinnamon cooked Oatmeal
-Almond Milk, more Cinnamon, Banana, Dried Cherries
 Apple Banana Oatmeal
Simple and delicious. Quick, clean fueling for a big day with the Whole Athlete 2011 Winter Training Camp!
-Apple/Banana/Cinnamon cooked oatmeal
-Almonds, Dried Cherries, Banana
Went with the Buckwheat Soba Noodles again, this time Japanese style.  Seaweed-Sesame-Ginger flavors dominate a delicious meal.  With some yummy vegetables and tempeh of course. #2 Simply stir fry and mix.
-Buckwheat Soba Noodles, Sesame Seeds, Crushed Ginger, Ginger Powder
-Carrot, Broccoli, Asparagus, Nori (dried roasted sushi seaweed), Mozuku (noodle-like seaweed) cooked in vegetable broth, Crushed ginger, ginger powder, sesame oil, olive oil

Almond-Almond Vanilla Muesli
Ignore the yellow tint from some supplemental Vanilla Rice Protein, this was amazing. So much Almond and Vanilla throughout. #3 Advanced soaking really helps make the muesli much softer and more enjoyable.
-My Muesli with extra Almonds
-Almond Milk, Almond Oil
-Vanilla Rice Protein
-Strawberry, Raspberry, Dried Cherries

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