Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Sur Bar Part II, Begin SB Trip

Dinner was at the cafe at the famous Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, where EVERYTHING is pink!
There cookies looked and smelled too good to not try, plus my sister and dad enjoyed massive Dutch Apple Pie ala Mode, so I wanted to enjoy the fun as well. Oatmeal Raisin (darkest) was better than most with lots of cinnamon, "Icebox" (middle) was like a Gingerbread Shortbread Cookie with Pecans, but the best was the Oatmeal Butterscotch (again, my obsession/theme of butterscotch) with delicious butterscotch chips! Didn't feel so good for a while after these and my main dish because my stomach really isn't used to butter and sugar at all.
Salmon Fillet, Green Beans, Rice Pilaf
 This was pretty good at first, came with Garlic Aoili which I got rid of ASAP.  The Salmon was a perfect melt in your mouth consistency and of course goes with lemon, but the whole plate came alive when I added Cholua hot sauce and asked for a side of salsa, and mixed EVERYTHING together into one bountiful mix.  #1 The Cilantro, Onion, Lemon, and Spicyness went with all the accoutrements perfectly and made me totally satisfied. Unfortunately the Salmon and/or beans were made with SOME butter, and I could definitely tell later on.
 House Salad
Greens Salad with Rice Wine Vinegar (Pink of course), you can't go wrong. Luckily got more purple cabbage!
Car Ride Salad
 Once again, purple cabbage is so yummy, its crunch and flavor is mind blowing (would/will be bomb with a lot of ginger).  I had a bunch of it in this salad I threw together for the car ride, was surprised at how good it was for how quickly I made it! #2 Gomasio and quality ingredients were the key. The dressing was super sweet for not having any sweetener!
-Romaine lettuce, Purple Cabbage, Tomato, Carrot
-Tofu, a bit of Leftover Turkey
-Gomasio, Tahini, Rice Wine Vinegar
Coffee Shop Experience at Home
I got the go out to a coffee shop for a treat experience at home with this meal. #3 Cheaper and exactly the way I want it. The best of Big Sur Bar: White Orange Zest! Definitely my favorite flavor. It has more character than the others with it's citrus bite and even more yummy treats throughout with white chocalate chips, raisins, and seemingly more coconut. Take a pecan pie and mix it with orange zest, coconut, and butterscotch, on top of a perfect dense chewy oatmeal cookie and this is what you get. Too epic. A blondie on crack. I enjoyed it for breakfast after an icy wet road ride, accompanied by a new creation: Peppermint Chai Spice Vanilla Latté. Creamy, spicy, and all the right hints of flavor.
-White Zest Big Sur Bar
-Good Earth Herbal Immune Support Mix, My own Herbal Chai Mix (black peppercorns, cinnamon chips, red rooibos, cardamom pods, star anise), Peppermint extract, Vanilla extract, Agave, Vanilla Almond milk, Soymilk,

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