Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grilled Chicken, New FroYo, Even Better Wrap, Berry Blast Breakfast

Satisfying Cravings
 Wasn't super hungry/felt like eating something clean and crunchy so came up with this Crunchy Clean Grilled Chicken Salad along with some more of the Farro from lunch. And it was totally satisfying. Being picky and achieving what you want can be so fulfilling. I haven't made grilled chicken in long time, or ever, and it was delicious. Reminded me of Benihana for some reason.  Just used strips of chicken breast with French Tarragon, Olive Oil, and Fresh Pepper in a grill pan for a simple clean taste.  It went with the crunchy vegetables perfectly. I also threw on the leftover portobello to grill up as well.
-Grilled Chicken and Portobello Mushroom (French Taragon, Pepper, Olive Oil)
-Iceberg Lettuce, Purple Cabbage, Tomato, Avocado
-Olive Oil, Balsamic, Lemon, Pepper for dressing
-Farro (Wheat Berries)
 The Way I Actually Ate It
Picture Version
Pretty epic, this turkey pastrami is the best kind out there which helps a lot, and then lemon, dill weed, hummus, and lemon pepper are awesome together. Wheat berries as my grain in a wrap for the first time, more nutty and crunchy than rice. Wasn't sure about adding the nori seaweed but it went well with the dill weed and cucumbers which I put in Japanese style, cut with a peeler into uber thin slices. #1 Dill weed goes perfectly with cucumber because it's like a pickle, except without the high sodium.
-Wheat Wrap, Turkey Pastrami, Wheat Berries
-Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado, Red Onion
-Dill Weed, Lemon Pepper, Hummus, Lemon, Nori
More Freshness
Damn this had some lemon zest to it! Balanced with nutty hazel almond, cinnamon, a a little creaminess from being cooked with soymilk. #2 I loved the creamy nutty with crunchy nutty combo (nut butter+real nuts), and cinnamon and berries are obviously always sweet. Half cooked in and half on top.  I don't think it's worth trying to cook the oats with soymilk, it just foams up a lot more and didn't change the flavor too much. I guess it would be worth it if you were using it for protein and used only soymilk, no water.
-1/4 soymilk, 3/4 cup water, 1/2c oats, half of the berries, cinnamon, lemon
-Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Citrus Zest from Buddha's Hand
-Naturally More Almond Butter and Hazelnuts (partially crushed and partially whole)

Froyo Last Night
    U-Top It is officially open in San Anselmo! Finally. I love froyo and ride by there everyday for both road and dirt rides; it is literally 1.5 minutes from my house. No longer do I have to go to San Rafael or Mill Valley for fro yo! I just hope I don't go too often....
   #3 The Cinnabuns flavor was the only no sugar added flavor, and it tasted better than original tart! I wish I had gotten less or even no tart. The yogurt covered pretzels are perfect, especially with cinnamon because they are a nice touch of salty and sweet, carob chips are my favorite of course, and go perfectly with the tart to add some pizazzz. Mochi pilllows are just the ultimate texture, partially soft and fluffy on top and partially hardened and frozen when mixed in. Like healthier marshmallows.  This FroYo venue has lots of toppings, not as many as Culture shock, and solid flavors, but we'll see how they switch it up in the future (they better throw in some non dairy flavors!). I'll probably suggest certain toppings, like butterscotch / cinnamon chips, animal crackers, circus animals, candy corn, and more dried fruit!
-Cinnabuns and Original Tart
-Mochi Pillows, Carob Chips, Yogurt Pretzels

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