Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lydia's Lovin Cereal, Bento Box Lunch, Bobbilicious, Fish!

Almost a go-to order for me at Fish in Sausalito now. The White Bean and Tuna Salad which i've tried to recreate on numerous occasions. I don't think i'll ever have all the right ingredients or technique to do so! It's too good, especially with a side of delicious braised mixed wild mushrooms. So many ingredients of only the best quality. 
The Last of Bobbilicious!
Man this brownie was good! I would probably need to to do a side by side comparison with the hemp version, but I feel like this one really hones in the delicious dark chocolatey goodness more. maybe there's more of the delicious super high quality chocolate chips. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not too sweet or bitter by any means! The perfect fluff to density ratio as well.  Definitely impressive.
Bento Box Lunch!
    Finally used the Bento my sister got me for Xmas. Just a few months late... I mastered the Onigiri technique with this one, just need to make some epic fillings now! It was perfectly shaped, nori wrapped well, nice and moist/together.  It had a little Ponzu Tempeh filling, but I think I can do better (fish/turkey/chicken combos in the future for sure). Accompanied by a Cucumber Salad, which I also am much more pleased with than before (getting the dressing sweet/salty enough but not overdoing it is tough). I'm very pleased with my first time using the Eden Ponzu Sauce I bought (a citrus soy sauce mirin combo).
-Onigiri with Nori-Wrap and Ponzu Tempeh Filling (Short Grain Brown Rice, Tempeh, Ponzu, Sea Salt, Nori)
-Super thin sliced cucumber (use a peeler), Rice Wine Vinegar, Olive Oil, Ponzu, Toasted Sesame Seeds
Cinnamon Honey Lydia Sprouted Cereal (and new Arte Sempre sticker!)
    The perfect amount of sweetness is something that's hard to achieve in food, but its incredibly satisfying. It changes constantly based on how hungry/low on energy you are, which is why you crave different foods at different times (dessert vs salad).  An awesomely crunchy bunch of Cinnamon and Honey flavored goodness! So many healthy and yummy seeds, nuts and grains in this breakfast! All matched with my own Yogurt, a hint of Bee Pollen, and a bit o' Honey (no, not the candy, although I used to love that stuff!). Quinoa included!
-60g Lydia's Sprouted Cinnamon Cereal
-4-6oz Homemade Plain Nonfat Yogurt
-Some Honey and Bee Pollen
-Some Chia Seeds
   I've been trying out these cereals by Lydia's Organics, and finally decided to include one here.  They are a bit pricey, but I was totally drawn to them after looking at the nutrition and ingredients on a few. So healthy on their own, which is hard to do for most cereals. #3 You don't need to add any extra fat or protein to achieve the right balance like if you were eating granola or any other cereals. I'm mainly talking about the Sprouted Cinnamon and Vanilla Crunch versions (the others either have less protein or a bit too much fat), the Cinnamon not having any sweetener and plenty of protein, and the Vanilla Crunch having less protein but enough sweetener in it already.  I definitely like them both a lot and they are perfect easy breakfasts that are so good for you! They also led me to learn all about sprouted grains.  After some quick googling, basically a super healthy way to eat grains but i'm not about to spend the time making them myself, so will continue to buy these cereals. Totally worth the cost! 

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