Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pumpkin Muffin, More Bento Action, Sweet Ginger Chicken

This makes three meals in a row thanks to Japan. I think that song by The Vapors might be appropriate. All I need to do now is have rice and miso soup for breakfast...
Sweet Ginger Chicken
Bam! Another win. I had some Home-Juiced Green Apple Juice from making Kombucha, so I worked in a little sweetness, but a few tbsp of Fresh Apple Juice is probably nothing bad nutritionally.  Another clean (only difference from normal is low sodium/sugar) Japanese influenced meal worthy of providing instructions! I used a Wok, sort of a stir fry in a way.  All the Onion really compliments the Sweet Gingery flavor well.
1) Take chicken breast, slice or cube and brown the outside on medium-high heat in Olive Oil, let it cool a bit (so the sauce doesn't just boil into thin air) 
2) Add the following Apple Ginger Sauce along with Dino Kale, Almonds, and Purple Onion, cover and simmer until vegetables are tender to your liking
3) Top with Green Onion and Sesame Salt (Gomasio) as needed.
    It was also good with some Granulated Onion w/ Parsley. If you don't care about the clean/healthiness, go with 1-2t Mirin or Soy Sauce as well. I could have browned the Chicken more, and the photo also doesn't do the meal justice because you can't see the sweet gingery liquid underneath everything!
-Baked Sweet Potato and Fresh Tomato
-Chicken Breast sliced and sauteed with Apple Ginger Sauce
    -Apple Ginger Sauce (4t Fresh Apple Juice from Green Apples, 1t Sake, 2t Ginger Juice, 1/2t Olive Oil, 1t Rice Wine Vineger, Ginger Powder)
-Kale, Almonds, Purple Onion for the stir fry
-Green Onion and Gomasio to garnish
 More from Lenny and Larry!
Lenny and Larry continue to support, so expect to see more on here in the future. Here is a Pumpkin Muscle Muffin I had as a snack. A fluffy not overly dense muffin, moderately Pumpkin flavored (not spiced), but also kind of tricked my mind into thinking about Banana the whole time I was eating it. And it was definitely a good thing! All real good ingredients and a nice balance of carbs/fat/protein. The way things should be.
Bento Regularity
The bento starting to make a regular appearance! Remember, 30% more enjoyable. Took some leftovers and added a Nori Ponzu Tofu Onigiri, and some more Tofu/Sesame Seeds/Ponzu Sauce. Simple, but good! Ponzu is a wortthy investment. A ready to go Citrus hinted Soy Sauce for the win. I also had a No Bake Oat Bar, those things are literally my go to supplement/snack and always have a batch in my freezer. Tasty and a solid balance of carbs/fat/protein. I just had to eat it during 4th period before this photo was taken!
-Brown Rice Onigiri w/ Ponzu Marinated Tofu Filling and Nori Wrap (sushi seaweed)
-Bok Choy and Gai Lan Broccoli Leftovers added Tofu/Sesame Seeds/Ponzu 

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