Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carrot Cake Oats/Date Time, Signature Rice Dish, India TakeOut

We got take out Indian food for my whole visiting family (12 people total), and ordered a ton of dishes online! So easy and so tasty. You can eat an Indian feast and keep it healthy, here's how it's done:
India Takeout Experience: Taj of Marin
It's been a long time since I've eaten Indian food out, mainly because the only memories I have are eating mass quantities of Naan, Raita (Yogurt Sauce), Chicken Tikka Masala, and other heavy creamy meaty dishes (good but not nearly in my current diet/desirable at all). So when it was decided to have a massive family Indian feast I first planned on cooking my own meal, but then remembered that there is Indian food in my diet! RHS Cooking Club Indian day was the healthiest of all our meetings, and I've been making Daal quite a bit.  #1 Just stay away from any butter/cream sauce dishes and lots of red meats. I chose a few classic vegetarian (and vegan!) options, as well as Tandoori Chicken, which I've been itching to make recently anyways! These dishes may seem liquidy and rich but they really are just a vegetable/legume cooked, mashed, and mixed with vegetable oil, water, and a ton of delicious spices. Nothing to be concerned about, and all the herbs and spices are really good for you.
-Channa Masala (Garbanzo Beans and Spices) was probably my favorite, the flavor is top notch, a little spicy, but mainly the chickpeas actually give it some good texture/substance
-Yellow Dal (Yellow lentil simmered and tempered with ginger, garlic and herbs, a bit liquidy, but tasty nonetheless)
-Bengan Bhartha (Eggplant clay oven baked w/ onion, ginger, garlic and spices)
-Tandoori Chicken (Chicken marinated in yogurt, blend of colorful Indian herbs and spices, cooked in a clay oven, everyone knows it's good, and super clean yet full of flavor)
-Brown Rice and Cucumber from Home (really helpful to balance out all the spice w/out Naan, Basmati Rice, and Raita)
-A sample of Rosemary Garlic Naan and Raita (I couldn't skip out on this classic completely due to the dairy/wheat, it's too good)
-I also tasted the Coconut Shrimp Masala (the flavor was Masala just w/ Coconut, which made it similar to a delicious Thai Curry, this was definitely the best flavored dish)
Signature B-Sprout Tofu Rice Dish?
For lunch I went with my classic grilled yet moist and tender B-Sprouts, but paired with more ginger, Herb Grilled Tofu, and some leftover Sweet Roasted Garlic Rosemary Purple Carrots. These Brussel Sprouts and Tahini Dressing just might be my own go to signature creation, and they went perfectly in this rice dish.  #2 The creamy slightly sweet ginger tahini dressing makes everything mold together perfectly, and could have been even better with a bit of avocado for some added creaminess. The tofu actually has a taste, its flavored from the herb/spice yet still tastes clean and balances out the exploding flavor and gingery kick from everything else. The brown rice is nutty yet tames everything down as well. Delightful!
-Grilled B-Sprouts (Mustard Seed, Ginger Powder, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper)
-Grilled Herb Tofu (Firm Tofu, Cilantro, Mustard Seed, Ginger Powder)
-Left over Roasted Garlic Rosemary Purple Carrots (Oven at 400ยบ, Garlic Powder, Salt, Pepper, Rosemary)
-Leftover Steamed Bok Choy
-Creamy Sweet Bite Tahini Dressing (Ginger Powder/Juice, Citrus-Lemon or Orange, Rice Wine Vinegar, Olive Oil, Tahini)
-Brown Rice and Tomato
Carrot Cake Overnight Oats
I just searched for a while on my blog and surprisingly haven't posted any Carrot Cake Overnight Oats before! So simple and good, the only reason I felt the need to include it this time is because it got super-fied with dates and a ton of carrot juice. I tend to have fresh in the fridge but you could easily make this with store bought carrot juice really conveniently!  Kind of super tasty like the Date Spice Granola I enjoyed and loved for so long (the best of Kaia).  #3 Dates are definitely one of the best (and healthiest) breakfast/dessert sweeteners, I'm stoked I reintroduced them to my pantry. They got banned for a long time because I would literally just eat way too many all the time whenever I walked by, but now have enough self control to save it for delicious meals like this. Just one is all you need for a tasty breakfast bowl! This one was full of carrot flavor, sweetness, and the proper carrot cake spice! And nice texture variations with the mushy oats, soft blueberries, crunchy almonds, and chewy date pieces!
-65g oats, 200g carrot juice
-Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves
-Almonds, Blueberries, a Date

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