Friday, April 22, 2011

Mega Muffin Time, Special Spices Party Bowl, Passover Dinner

Passover Seder
My whole family from Israel is visiting currently so we had a mega Passover sesh. I didn't prepare this meal but it was pretty tasty and I was able to keep with in my usual eats by avoiding the other foods so why not include it.  My highlight was probably the salad. I wish the Golden beets were more substantial but the super Lemony Citrus Vinaigrette dressing was bomb. A Yam/Sweet Potato/Carrot mashup with Honey is of course tasty, and I left the chicken skin behind. I did snag a sample of the Hungarian Flourless Pecan Torte, which was pretty epic. #1 Almond flour instead of flour = dialed flavor and health, and plenty of ground walnuts, cocoa, and Pecans on top made it moist, warm, and delicious. I could only have a bite due to my walnut allergies though...
-Plum Chicken
-Sweet Potato/Yam/Carrot Mashup
-Lemon Vinaigrette Salad w/ Golden Beets

Super Steamed Vegetable and Spice Bowl
There's a lot going on in this bowl so i'll try to break it down and be brief. Lots of Middle East but also Japanese influence! The best of both worlds.  Kind of a Quinoa Salad on crack. I steamed vegetables with some spices, which has been working well in my bamboo steamer. I can eat steamed vegetables straight and love it, so with the right herbs/spices it's even better.  #2 Especially because I got Zahatar from my visiting family straight from from Israel and am so stoked on it! It's like a sesame/thyme/fennel sensation and I love it.  I've also been using a bit of Miso paste in my meals recently and love that flavor as well. Just mix it into any liquid and transform your food (partially inspired by this great info)! This bowl is basically an amalgamation of awesome. Too much deliciousness going on to describe. I used some Matcha Salt again finally to top as well and it's so salty, tasty, and adds the tiniest crunch due to the sea salt and matcha formed granules.
-1/4c Quinoa, Olive Oil
-A dab of Miso mixed into a just enough Rice Wine Vinegar/Chicken Broth to dissolve
-Steamed Butternut Squash (Tjoes prepped, leftover) with Sesame Oil and Seeds
-Steamed Crimini Mushrooms and Broccoli (TJoes prepped) with Zahatar
-Steamed Carrot with Rosemary and Basil
-Avocado, Olives
-Spinach Bolani
-Matcha Salt

Mega All Mountain Ride Muffin Fuel
This muffin courtesy of Lenny and Larry has been in my freezer for a while, and I figured what better way to fuel up for a massive celebratory mountain bike ride after getting back from Sea Otter?  It may not be oat bran, but it has extra protein and all good real ingredients so it's nutritionally sound. A normal blueberry 'muffin' (cake in disguise) definitely wouldn't of sat so well with me, especially before a ride, but this left me feeling great. Even 4 hours and 6000 feet later! It tastes like a moist delicious blueberry muffin should.  #3 I accompanied with some tasty fresh blueberries and homemade Pomegranate-Kombucha Tea (i've been a fiend for getting lots of vitamins/antioxidants recently). 

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