Monday, April 18, 2011

PreSeaOtter: Coconut Nutella Crunch, Go To Garbanzo Kale Plate and ThaiCurry Salmon

So I've been a bit behind with Spring Break and focusing on the Sea Otter Classic trip with my team, but am catching up now! Flavor definitely went fast on the race trip with my team (another national race junior podium sweep!), and I learned a couple more awesome tricks and things i'll be implementing soon! Here's the report but the food will come soon!
 Another JapaCurry, except Thai
 It ended up being more of a Thai creamy salmon complimented with a bit of sweet and a hint of red curry. That dressing is not your average mayo creation! #1 Just super tasty Tahini given a kick with Thai Red Curry Paste.  Tasty Red Curry and Sesame all around in this one!  Another go to meal for sure, I referenced this version
-Salmon Fillet, Sauteed in Olive Oil, Sesame Seeds, Chicken Broth/Red Curry Paste, Curry Powder, Turmeric, Ginger
   -Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste, Ginger, Tahini, Water
-Purple Cabbage, Tomato, Cucumber, Broccoli
-Brown Jasmine Rice
 Kale Garbanzo Tahini Plate
    This meal is now going to be one of my go to repeats. So much flavor and favorite ingredients that are so healthy.  Sweet dressing from mirin and lemon with a ginger/alcohol kick and #2 the nutritional yeast and tahini combo is cheesy! Ginger and garlic explosions all around as well. I referenced this dinner to make it but will use the more current version from now on.
-Tahini, Sweet Rice Wine (Mirin), Ginger, Water
-Kale and Carrots Sauté with Olive Oil, Turmeric, Cloves, Garlic, Lemon, Sea Salt
-Baked Sweet Potato, Garbanzo Beans
-Tomato, Olives
-Nutritional Yeast
Coconut Nutella Crunch Oatmeal
    This was one of those times where it's so good that your mind focuses in on it only for a moment.  The coconut kefir and chocolate definitely worked together and the crunchy texture of the quinoa combined with creamy oats was perfect as well, like a mix between cream of wheat and oatmeal. #3 Cacao nibs made it more like a dark chocolate nutella and added a nice crunch along with the chopped hazelnuts. Phenomenal.  Worth using coconut kefir for although I bet it wouldn't be differ much with just coconut water since it's cooked in not just soaked like overnight oats. I enjoyed it creamy once I added soymilk so you may choose either forté. Quinoa coincidently was the perfect choice for the nutella theme because its crunchy and nutty!! And there's not even any added sweetener, just a bit of banana, cocoa powder, and coconut kefir make it good with plenty protein from the quinoa, oats, and soymilk! The banana added just a hint of flavor, I couldn't convince myself to skip it.
-1/4c sprouted quinoa, 1/4c oats, 1/2c coconut kefir, vanilla extract
-1t cocoa powder
-1/3 banana
-chopped hazelnuts, cacao nibs, shredded coconut

 Mixed with Soymilk

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