Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fast Sea Otter Team Eats / New Trader Joe's Specials

So I wasn't super consistent with the food blog thing while living with my team but I'll give some brief commentary on some tasty things and ideas/tricks I learned! Trader Joe's was < 5 min from our house so we restocked on the daily and now I have some go to purchases there! This food all went super fast as our team got so many good results (and made for really convenient bring to the venue leftovers)! And I felt super clean/dialed the whole time food-wise. The meals I didn't include were mainly Burrito night and pasta night, which are pretty self explanatory (brown rice pasta ofcourse!)
 Asian Stir Fry Night
 The last night we made stir fry and it was sooo tasty. We used some Trader Joe's General Tsao's Sauce with Ginger and Olive Oil added to bake chicken tenders in and then the same combo with garlic to stir fry a ton of delicious vegetables. Same for the tofu, but baked.  It all ended up being sweet and spicy! Garlic, ginger, red chile, and sweetness all around, but not unhealthy or greasy like Chinese food. I am definitely down with buying the packaged vegetables already prepped for cooking that T Joe's offers, mainly butternut squash and broccoli florets. #1 It saves a lot of time and you don't buy a ton of vegetable that will just get thrown away in a second anyways (broccoli stalks).  I also rediscovered my love for sugar snap peas just plain, but also threw some into my vegetables to bring on some crunch!
-Sweet Chili Ginger Chicken Tenders
-Sweet Ginger Vegetable Stir Fry (broccoli, butternut squash, cauliflower, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms)
-Sugar Snap Peas
-Brown Basmati Rice
-Herb Baked Tofu
Leftover Herb Chicken Salad Lunch
We baked some delicious Herb Chicken on the first night with various spices, mainly thanks to Trader Joes Everyday Seasoning which is a delicious combination of spices in a container with a grinder so you get the full on effect (like fresh ground coriander, mmm).  Then there was a large supply of Yams that we baked (orange=yams, yellow=sweet potatoes, the public must get educated! I am tired of people confusing them, even trader joe's has them mislabeled) and then just had on hand throughout the trip, which I am now adopting the practice of for sure. #2 It's like having rice in a rice cooker all the time. Accept you can grab 'em and eat them with your hand. Simply dialed. Delicious snacks or carb staples for a meal or salad. Or dessert; they are that sweet and delicious. Anyways this lunch I mixed up some leftovers into a salad with extra TJoes Seasoning, Balsamic/Olive Oil, and Purple Cabbage.
-Herb Chicken Breast (Baked w/ Garlic Powder, Salt, Pepper, TJoes Everyday Seasoning)
-Salad Leftovers + Fresh Basil, Cabbage, Balsamic and Olive Oil
-Extra TJoes Everyday Seasoning, Salt, Pepper
 Super Delicious Oatmeal Combos
We had a fresh XXL pot of oatmeal every morning, pretty much with Banana cooked in every time, although once with Walnuts and Raisins. Nothing super out of the ordinary except I learned that the end of the rice cakes package makes for the best oatmeal toppings (the go to healthy wheat free snack). #3 Crisped brown rice puffs bring on the delicious crunch factor! Also for salad croutons! And the TJoes Bing Cherries are quite delicious as well. I already knew they had epic dried mango, but adding it to oatmeal was new for me, and I am already repeating it more it's so good!  Finally those Muffin Tops you see? Raspberry Blueberry Oatbran from TJoes! I guess I've been avoiding wheat recently just because it feels better and isn't very hard, and these muffins fit the bill perfectly. Muffins are often cupcakes in disguise, but these are a tasty healthy muffin for sure. They are the only wheat free muffin they have and they also happen to be the best variety. I see more trips to Trader Joe's in my future...
-Oatmeal with Banana/Raisins/Walnuts cooked in
-Dried Mango/Bing Cherries
-Almond Butter (Creamy w/ Sea Salt)
-Brown Rice Puffs (Rice Cakes leftovers!)
-Raspberry Blueberry Oat Bran Muffins
The other thing I started loving from Trader Joe's on this trip is their flavored sparkling mineral water. I was drinking it only because our house didn't have super good tap water, and although I previously haven't cared for carbonated drinks at all, especially plain sparkling water over still water, but acquired a new taste for this stuff. It tastes great and settles your stomach, the minor burp you get feels so good, especially when you feel full. And it's potentially healthful due to the mineral content although i'm not totally sure... Kind of also a more interesting water to drink when I feel like drinking not eating but don't want tea. Bring on the summer!

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