Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Power Maple Banana Nut Pancakes, Garlic Sesame Grill Remix with Bite, Super Granola

Easy Garlic Sesame Remix Meal
 Had to throw this together and bring to a friends house to be on time, it was so easy yet tasty.  I just prepared the B-Sprouts, Sweet Potato, and Tahini Dressing and was off. Could of done a better job with the avo/tomato/cucumber in terms of presentation but time was limited and that wasn't really my goal. The Mediterranean Chicken Leftovers remixed into this meal perfectly. Plenty of Garlic in the dressing and Grilled-ness from the Sprouts = happy me. More bite from the olives and sweet Sweet Potato mixing with the creamy Tahini also a plus.
-Baked Sweet Potato
-Avo, Tomato, Cucumber
-Garlic Lemon Chicken Lefty's
-Grilled Brussel Sprouts (Sea Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, Mustard Seed)
-Garlic Sesame Dressing (Lots of Crushed Garlic, Tahini and Water)
The Last of the Bungalow Munch
 This large beautiful container emptied fast in my house! It's presence on the countertop led to my parents loving it and digging in all the time.  They love it. After eating the granola this time with actual yogurt, the traditional granola way, I now truly appreciate it's quality. The special glass jar matches it's magnificence perfectly. It shouldn't come in anything else. And it's more eco friendly. Kind of like my Bento Lunches.  I've decided it is simply the highest quality organic granola experience. And the sunflower seeds and coconut combined with the toasted aspect sort of remind me of WAFFLES while I'm eating it! Win for sure. This was creamy yet toasty and delicious with some Almond Milk and Greek Yogurt and Fresh Blueberries. Yum.
-1/4c Bungalow Munch (nut free)
-1-2t Greek Fage Nonfat Yogurt (so creamy so good)
-Some Almond Milk
-Fresh Blueberries
Salad Turkey Rice Dish
Not much cooking here, but i'll include it anyways cause it was quite tasty and I just want to give the purple cabbage some credit for being back again and delicious. I do think it might pair even better with Tahini. Another thing I could munch on solely for days! It was a nice bed under the rice-turkey-salad combo, its slight bite flavor paired perfectly with wasabi mustard. Just like the purple cabbage combined with mustard seed! Which also went with the creamy avocado and hummus!
-Brown Jasmine Rice and Diestel Pastrami Turkey
-Hummus and Wasabi Dijon Mustard
-Carrot chopped and shredded, Cucumber, Tomato
-Kalamata Olives
-Purple Cabbage
Power Maple Banana Nut Pancakes
This is only the beginning! They may not look much like pancakes but trust me, they are.  The dark color is from a lot of cinnamon and brown rice protein.  This is totally possible thanks to chia gel. I can't even argue that this is unhealthy compared to what I normally eat. Protein from protein powder and quinoa and super fats from chia seeds!  Wheat free not too much sugar if you go easy on the syrup and nutritionally balanced.  I can't wait to make a million variations / make a batch to freeze for on the go breakfasts/snacking. Highlights within the pancake are definitely the sunflower seeds and pecans (I wanted to get a taste similar to bungalow munch with sunflower seed coconut combo), which get nice and toasted and add some major crunch factor. #1 For toppings it's hard to go wrong, no fruit on hand but frozen bananas (best way to save them!) which I just threw in the pan to defrost and they became so soft and sweet, like in Asian desserts.  I used too much cinnamon / baking powder, combined with the brown rice protein made the batter a little bitter on it's own so I may go for plant protein and fix those mis-measurements before trying different flours, although oat flour seems like a tempting nutty option(the below measurements are the correct ones)! So easy and so simple! They didn't turn out picture perfect because I tried flipping too early and made them too big = also hard to flip.  I didn't even use olive oil for one on the nonstick griddle and it worked fine! Can't wait to make Cocoa Hazelnut or Mexican Cocoa variations and so much more just like oatmeal!
-Chia Gel (1t to 1/2 cup water, truly amazing stuff)
-2t Quinoa Flour (2t or a bit less sprouted quinoa in coffee grinder)
-1t/7g Cinnamon (I did a bit more, but don't)
-2t/10g Protein Powder (I did Brown Rice Vanilla but may tree Vanilla Plant Fusion)
-1t Baking Powder (I accidentally did more)
-65g Almond Milk (just until desired consistency, not soup but not cookie dough)
-Pecans/Sunflower Seeds
Toppings: Almond Butter, Maple Syrup, Banana, Shredded Coconut

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