Thursday, June 9, 2011

Germany Part II: Lunches Dinners and Dessert

So between traveling and graduating high school I've been a bit behind the ball but here's what I got from the rest of my trip and I should be back on to blogging some tasty eats now.
 Friday at the farm = Fresh bread day!
 Wheat Loaves and Nuss bread (sweet hazelnut almond paste bread that tastes like donuts) galore.  All the apartments fill with the best smell on the planet and by mid morning the farm store is stocked.
Especially with my recent shift from wheat/gluten, I'm not a big fan of bread unless it's super quality hearty whole wheat, but this was balanced between sourdough and whole wheat perfectly. I held back from finishing the loaf.
I enjoyed a fatty slice of it with some Honey AB, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, jam, and egg whites!  Along side the usual fruit muesli bowl.  So tasty.
 BBQ Night
Dinner was brought every night by the same people, and changed slighlty from time to time, but a good night (for my diet/taste) consisted of turkey or chicken, some shredded carrots marinated in a vinegar dressing (super sweet!), salad with vinaigrette, sometimes cooked carrots in sort of a gravyish sauce (not the gross kind), and rice.
 Our BBQ night was quite epic though. We celebrated the weekend's racing and U23 riders finishing their stay.  All the best local meat with various delicious seasonings (some Carraway Seed was in their for sure), and yummy vegetable kabobs as well.
Stephen Ettinger and Jack Terry Hinkens do work (BMC MTB Development Team).
Another standard dinner of turkey, the cooked and raw carrots, rice, and salad.
For lunch I'd usually throw some leftovers together with salad from the local vegetables along with some hard boiled egg whites or turkey and occasionally avocado.  We went through so many eggs just for the whites! Farm fresh are so good.  I pretty much just used mustard, olive oil, salt and pepper to dress as there wasn't much else available.
Post Race Numero Uno
A post race bar that seemed common through out German markets, a chocolatey glazed tasty compilation of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, and dried cranberries! Kind of like a trail mix rocky road party.
One night we decided to go for one of the pies that were made on Fridays.  It was like a delicious caramel cheesecake. Along with a Kilo of Nutella and 500g of Strawberries and some Apple Juice.  Doing work! Keegan and I lived downstairs in the dungeon but the other 4 juniors on the top floor went through about 2 kg of Muesli and maybe 700g of Nutella every two days. A bunch of bottomless pits!
Post Race Super Feast Numero 2
After the second race we gathered and sat down to indulge in as much as possible. The rest of the delicious cheesecake pie and a massive bowl of Nutella, Fruit Muesli and Crunchy Nut Muesli (that's basically granola), Yogurt, and Cherries.  All more or less mixed together. I felt like splurging and it was so satisfying.
Casey Williams and Ryan Geiger appearance (teammates)
    This dinner was perfect for the last day and post race.  After eating a decadent feast like the one above I usually feel like just eating a clean plate of chicken and vegetables for dinner and this hit the spot perfectly. The chicken was originally covered in a creamy tan colored sauce but those of us trying to keep our normal diets just rinsed with water, leaving just a hint of flavor which was bomb.  Along with salad, cooked Green Beans w/ Onion, Avocado, some Spaetzle (fried egg noodle pasta), and a rice cake.

Last but not least here's a little video edit with some more food and action from the trip!

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