Monday, June 27, 2011

Mega Ashland: Grilla Bites, Standing Stone Brewery, Bungalow-To Go Munch

I love Ashland. As a healthy living foodie this comes naturally with all the available alternative and green markets (Market of Choice=Whole Foods times 4), coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants. Then add in the first taste of summer with some of the most epic trails, and a massive race around it all with a huge industry gathering and there's nothing better.

We ate two nights in a row at the Standing Stone Brewery. No this wouldn't be cheap bar food. First night I had the Tempeh Stir Fry!

Organic Tempeh, Cashews, Bok Choy, Napa Cabbage, Mung Bean Sprouts and Seasonal Veggies in a Pan Asian Black Bean Sauce over Lundberg Organic Rice

Tons of good stir fry vegetables and delicious tempeh and brown rice, all cooked perfectly and accompanied by as much or as little of a sweet Asian Ginger-Chile like sauce that has just a hint of spice. And crunchy cashews!

Chicken Marsala:
Free Range Natural Chicken Breast in Mushroom Marsala with Polenta
The next night I went with the chicken over polenta with mushrooms and some of the same vegetables. I love the texture of polenta. It was meant to be made with butter but the request for olive oil substitute was perfect! The vegetables did work a little bit better in an asian stir fry setting however.

I'm finding that my go to breakfast that's fast and easy for travel is Bungalow munch granola!
With both/or (based on availability):

  • Almond milk or water
  • Whey or plant fusion protein powder
  • Dried / fresh blueberries

It's tasty, nutritionally balanced, and goes down easy. You can't go wrong!
Last but not least, my favorite spot in Ashland from last year: Grilla Bites!

At first my developed taste from then to now let me down eyeing the menu as nothing stood out to my new ways and standards...

They have many delicious sandwiches but I wasn't stoked on eating wheat and not so sure about rice bread as a gluten free bread. It sounded kind of lame.
Little did I know! Toasted it holds together nicely and tastes awesome. I even bought a loaf from the Market of Choice and have been enjoying it already.

I got the 'BLT' which has Soy Bacon which I've never had before. It fooled me and tasted good, and I don't even really like bacon. The guacamole, veggies, and turkey all went so well together and the hummus they include is AMAZING. Garlic and herbs for days and not too creamy.  I took the cheese out.

My other epic new discovery was Annie's Goddess Dressing! I asked for no Mayo and was confused why there was still a creamy delicious sauce.  Turns out it's a Tahini, Oil, and Lemon based salad dressing that TJ's offers as well! I've already bought and used it frequently.

Then there's the salad bar! First glance looks like a basic DIY salad bar but once you get into it there's so many surprises:

  • Banana chips
  • All kinds of beans
  • Sprouts
  • All kinds of seeds/nuts
  • Dried fruit

 Then you get to the end and it get's better! Some mixed salad dressings, basic Olive oil and vinegars, but the stand outs are nutritional yeast, herb mixes, sesame seeds, and Braggs Liquid Aminos! No where else...
I pretty much hit up a bit of everything and it worked out great.  I also bought a Jungle Juice, dialed as well (Beet Ginger Apple Carrot). Can't wait for next year!

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