Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Love

While enjoying some delicious Sol Food with Seth Andrews and Maya Argaman, we came upon the revelation that you always forget how good Sol Food really is.  there ingredients are so high quality and they just have there flavor dialed.
Begin: Persimmon Obsession
I want November to last all year.  Besides the trails and surf, persimmons are awesome and I have been deprived all my life.  A simple galaxy granola, yogurt, persimmon parfait for dessert. More to come!

Ensalada Con Pollo and Maduro
 Small? chicken salad with a side of sweet fried plantain. They really know their garlic and I am going to try and make their salad dressing at home.  Enjoyed with some delicious coconut juice.
Left Over Quinoa Salad
This was really good.  Spiced with turmeric, lemon pepper, and paprika, and mixed with Nori (golden ingredient), carrot, avocado, and broccoli.

Box Muesli Mix for once (with some last minute studying for AP Econ right before the test...)
Decided to go back to the box mix to compare.  The main thing it lacks is the abundance of thick rolled oats and cinnamon.  I ate it with yogurt, blueberries, shredded apple, hazelnuts, almonds, orange juice, and honey. Still so delicious!

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