Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whistler Final Eats

I have to get this out of the way before I continue with my at home creations! There will be some good ones coming as I am getting deeper into The Paleo Diet Fort Athletes! But first some more splurging from my travels:
Mmmm! I had to try the Banana Toffee Pecan Chocolate Chip edition from Mogul's. The banana goes with pecan and toffee and oats so well! Toffee chips add the sugary touch that berries do so well in the usual cookies, just in a more decadent desserty less tart kind of way. This version ranks high on the mogul cookies list!
The Fuji Market is my savior. I got an epic bag of mixed Japanese boiled root vegetables (refridgerated, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and much more!) and supplemented with Kale. Plus my experimental/always thinking about what to make/eat nature. Still didn't buy any oil/dedicated ingredients for cooking.
I used a soy sauce packet and left over kim chee juice and pickled ginger juice with some lime to make the best flavor/cooking agent! It was a little salty-little spicy-not really a little tangy but sort of. I love the super good kale and root veggies/mushrooms/shoots. The 'cheap' fish ($5 for sushi grade salmon!) tasted good raw and especially yummy with the pickled ginger. So crunchy and delicious all around with the nuts and seeds. Cashews definitely rule butt. Stoked to satisfy my craving for expensive fancy fish and stir fry without the cost!
The perfect 'final' cookie. I was hoping for the rare banana-toffee-pecan, but ended up with the never before seen Raspberry Toffee Pecan Chocolate Chip!A perfect suprise/end of my trip after my last big ride 4 hour xc ride (the most challenging of the trip for sure). I decided to hit up all the post ride routines in one. Coconut water, Gu recovery drink and cookie sesh.
  Combine the classic go-to raspberry with the sweet nuttiness of the toffee/pecan!   The extra crunch and flavor from the toffee chips and pecans brings the raspberry cookie to a whole new level.  Nuttier/sweeter/crunchier yet STILL tart and chewy.
This was actually the last cookie, I had to try the Apple Cinnamon since before I had Apple Pecan and thought how good it would be with some cinnamon. It really was just like a slightly denser chewier muffin top and made for the perfect oaty doughy breakfast cookie (half with dinner half in the morning).

And i'll end with some brief randoms
The Last Splitz Grill Wrap
Buffalo Burger with almost every topping
  • Sprouts, Lettuce Tomato, Cucumber, Pickles
  • Baba Ghanoush, Hummus (lots of it), Dijon
A Japanese Mochi Red Bean Paste Cake from the Fuji Market! Sweet, gluten free, and delicious.
Fuji Market/My own Combo Salad
  • Fuji Market: Seaweed Salad (Arame), Spinach Goma Ae (Sesame Sauteed), Pickled and Sweetened Pickled Ginger
  • Turkey, Romaine Lettuce, Cashews, Almonds, Blueberries
  • Lemon Juice
Mogul's Mega Muffin (Blueberry Oat Bran)
Plenty of deliciousness to choose from!

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