Monday, August 8, 2011

Cookies and Cookies

I love all things cookie. Cake, ice cream, pudding, they all don't compare (sometimes ok if they have heavy cookie influence, like Coconut Bliss Ginger Cookie Caramel Crunch!)
The Cookies and Cream Parfait!
It's vanilla-y blueberry-nutty banana doughy AND CREAMY. and sweet! Really all I can say is cookies and cream with doughy delicious mushy oats, yogurt, and chewy blueberries / almond butter. Just mix 8 min+ in advance and enjoy.
  And if your a fan of banana, you must add a few frozen slices on top because they are delicious and pair with the almond butter amazingly. I originally made it with bungalow munch but it's just as good with oats if your keeping it healthier. So much protein all around either way at ~30g total!  Also, choco-chai (herbal chai+unsweetened cocoa powder) is officially a good addition inspired by my new favorite morning caffeine tea, Guayaki Mate Chocolatté.
-1/2 serving Tera's Vanilla Bourbon Whey Protein
-100g Non Fat Greek Yogurt
-1/4c Thick Rolled Oats
-2 Tbsp/15g Chia Seeds
-Almond Milk to desired consistency (50g)
-1/4c Blueberries
-1T More AB
-3 Slices Frozen Banana
If your feeling adventurous adding some bee pollen and honey would sweeten and give a nice twist.

So I busted out the Mogul's Cookie Mix. *Edit I found out this is the same stuff. (just add water and ignore the quaker directions)

Pretty stoked on attempt 1! A tad too much water/longer cooking was needed! The key seems to be make 'em real thick and go for lots of fruit. I can't believe how good the mix is so good with few super unhealthy ingredients! The taste is the same as in Whistler just need to master the texture. awesome!
The second time:
YESSS! I can now truly enjoy these Whistler goods whenever I want to.  Fruity-tarty-chocolatey roasted oaty goodness at my fingertips! I am pretty sure the mix is the same as this so I will order some and test it out. More on that soon. And it goes damn well with real Fraiché Froyo and Nonfat greek yogurt.
I shaped them slightly better and cooked a little longer and they turned out dialed (1" thick, 30 minutes at 325º).  This was enjoyed after getting home from a long hard race.  More on the Froyo though:
I checked out Fillmore Street and when I saw fraiche I had to go in (after seeing but not experiencing epic REAL froyo in Sun Valley).  They use local organic yogurt and just add a bit of real organic sugar for taste and freezing qualities and that's it. And all of their toppings are so organic/quality/healthier than normal. I got a pint to take home of Mango and Plain in plans of testing out after my final race of the season yesterday! Combined with the cookie=a quality reward for sure.


  1. Wow, that looks delcious. I definitely have to agree with you on the whole cookie thing ;-)

  2. my list goes 1) cookies 2) muffins 3)pies 4) Froyo (cake, ice cream, brownies, cupcakes dont make the cutoff)

  3. I just bought some greek yogurt...may have to make that parfait!!


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