Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Guest Post! Living Large Locally in BC

Officially my blog's first guest post! Pretty excited about it. Kelsey from Snacking Squirrel did a great job, and it's completely appropriate as I am loving all the amazing food available during my stay in BC!
British Columbians know that eating Locally 
Grown Food is not only a luxury but a way of life
Movements such as the Backyard Chicken Movement has
 been sweeping across Canada as more and more residents adopt 
rural lifestyles, focused on growing and sustaining their own diets
This is one example of the many Chicken Coops on Vancouver Island
The idea of Locally Grown is expanding to "Freeganism",
 where people scour their communities in search of free food
And nothing is better than picking Blackberries in the Summer
British Columbia is best known for it's fresh, vibrant, and
 healthy Green Vegetables, such as Beans, Kale, Peas, Corn,
 Zucchini, Spinach, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Squash, Potatoes, etc.  
And if you want something sweet, just ask a friendly neighbour if you can pick a few
Apples from their Apple Tree. Oh, but you may need to check in with the Deer first! 
But if you're not on a "Freegan" diet and looking for a great Market for
Local Produce and Groceries, The Rootcellar (Victoria B.C.) is your best bet
Large selection of Local Apples
BC Fresh Vegetables
They pride themselves on delivering 
"Farm Fresh Produce at Dirt Cheap Prices"
Even in my own backyard I have mentioned my gorgeous Fig Tree
Along with my Figs, I have a giant Walnut Tree in the
 backyard that the Squirrels are always snacking from! 
Let's have a look at some of the Local Proteins...
Local Free Range Poultry Products from Kildonan Farm 
Wild Organic Meats 
And I couldn't forget to mention Wild Pink Salmon from our Pacific 
waters, where some of the best tasting Seafood in the world comes from!
A 100% Local Dish: Potato Salad with Mayonnaise
Sliced Red Radishes, Green Onion, and Black Pepper 
Alongside a garnish of BC Lettuce and Tomatoes 
One thing I've noticed in the 22 years of living on 
Vancouver Island, is that we love our Bakery Bread!
Wildfire Bakery is notorious for their delicious Organic BC
 Grown Wheat Breads, which are all baked in a wood fire oven
Just an assortment of some of the many colourful, seasonal Berries 
grown in British Columbia: Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, 
and Blueberries. And a little Yogurt and Cinnamon drizzled on top 
Whether you live in British Columbia or not, eating Locally Grown 
Food is one of the smartest and healthiest ways to support your Family
Farmers, Community, Environment, Economy, and your Waistline!
Click here for a the Seasonal Monthly Chart of BC Grown Produce  


  1. Thanks so much again Max! I really enjoyed creating this post to share with your readers :)

  2. looks like Trader Joe's has some stiff competition! That market looks amazing! Blackberries...yummmm

  3. what a great example of everything vancouver island has to offer! as far as markets go for local happy produce, don't forget about A: (if you're by the rootcellar) Madrona Farm - Farmer direct food! Or if you're on the other side of town: Moss Street Market or James Bay Market OR if you just want that shit delivered straight to your door: Saanich Organics box delivery program. OR the pocket markets from Lifecycles. All of these are farmer direct which = more money for the farmers and less enviro impact!

  4. the only drawback to BC is no trader joes! I think it's a fair trade

  5. Great post Kelsey! I'm so jealous of your access to local foods in BC - especially meats! I find it really hard to find local chicken and beef here in Ontario.

  6. I'm so homesick for Victoria reading this! Love all the photos, Kelsey!

  7. Great post! You're so lucky that you have local produce in close proximity. You'd think that living in Ohio I'd have lots of farm goods near, but that's definitely not the case!


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