Saturday, September 10, 2011

Noodle Tutorial and New Japanese Favorites

It's time for a noodle tutorial. Salads, soups, and stir fry's...
Available at your local Whole Foods! 0 calories, shelf stable until opened, clear, noodl-y, a bit crunchy raw, soft when heated. Nutrients and fiber... (Ingredients=Kelp)
Rinse before use
Shirataki Noodles! Also mostly fiber, made of Mountain Yams (turned into a flour first). Not the sweet kind, more like a daikon or turnip and turned into noodles! More likely only at your Asian grocer, possibly just labeled yam noodles.
I like buying them in these little packages, and then untying the little bundles after rinsing... Soft and noodly from the start! (Ingredients=Yam Flour)
First in a salad, both kinds mixed with some fresh veggies
Tossed with delicious Ginger-Yuzu (Citron juice)-Garlic Dressing
And some Steamed Sesame Squash and Raw Sushi Salmon (Wild BC amazingness of course, couldn't not take a bite before the photo...)
Finally all tossed together with all my other favorite ingredients! They really make me feel like i'm eating wheat noodles/pasta. Quite amazing for the nutrition.
A little break from 'noodles', this is a Gluten Free Seasonal Fruit Bar from the Farmer's Market! Blueberries and Nectarines this time, with crunchy Quinoa Flakes and Apple Juice/Honey Sweetened.
Onto soup!
This 'Miso' was so much more.
It rivaled my favorite Ramen from Izakaya. That's a feat.
Topped with my favorite Kimchee available everywhere in Whistler!
Kale 'Ramen' Miso Soup
This is when they seriously start to act like noodles. Extra tender and full of the broth's flavor. This soup combo is now my go to version for miso!  I consider Enoki mushrooms in here just as good substitutes for noodles as well. 
  • 2 Cups Water to 2T White Miso, 1T Ginger, 1T Garlic
  • 1/2 Bunch Kale
  • 1 Sheet Nori Sushi Seaweed
  • Shirataki and Kelp Noodles
  • Soft Boiled Egg+2 More Boiled Egg Whites
  • Enoki Mushrooms
  • 1 Package Plain Natto and 1 Block Tempeh (tempeh toasted first)
  • Sushi Ginger, Kimchee to top
The flavors in this soup concoction are so good, and the contents bring them even higher. I am especially pleased with using Natto for the first time, it's almost like having slightly bitter not strong chewy miniature coffee beans in your soup! Soft Boiled Eggs and Nori Seaweed for the win of course...
My other new Japanese FAVORITE: Kabocha Squash. Yeah you guys eat your NORMAL fall pumpkins... I'll stick with Japanese. (and wait for Persimmons!)
 (Japanese Pumpkin)! Just slice to desired size, scoop the seeds, pop it in the oven w/ some cinnamon/cayenne/coconut oil if desired (at least do the coconut oil!), and enjoy, skin and all! Slightly less caloric then a sweet potato and more so than butternut squash.  40 min. to an hour at 400ยบ. Dialed.
Remember when I said I was going to enjoy some Wild BC Salmon Burgers with a legit creamy dill dressing? Well I did it!
 Not fully accomplished yet, but the added dill dressing matched the taste of the salmon and the fresh dill in the herb salad mix! All mixed up, can't wait to use some tahini to make a more mixed up (Coconut Milk doesn't mix with oil so well) Creamy Dill Dressing (like Annie's Goddess gone dill...mmmm).


  1. I tried the kelp noodles a couple weeks ago. They're so weird! Not too bad though. I think I've had them before at a raw restaurant topped with an almond butter sauce...raw pad thai maybe?

    Kabocha is my favorite too. Butternut squash is up there also. Can't wait for prices to come down. lol Still $2.50/lb here. yikes!

  2. yea, 3.89/kg here, which I think turns out to be 1.76/lb. guess I have a well timed discovery!


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