Sunday, October 2, 2011

Canada To Cali

A few quick inclusions from the trip from Canada to Cali:
A pretty dialed meal as far as eating while driving goes. Well balanced bursting with flavor and super healthy.
 I am obsessed with these Bombay Curry Kale Chips! They are extra tasty with a bit of spice and all good ingredients. Some yummy big clusters and they remind me a little bit of childhood BBQ Lays.
The Grass Fed-Teriyaki Jerky was pretty good too.
More of the Standing Stone Brewery! I wish I could eat here so many more times to try everything on the menu!
I had to try their in-house kimchee, and it was delicious. Lots of ginger and they use real chile flakes to avoid the preservatives in other kimchee seasonings/peppers. Different (the ginger factor) but quite good. And they let me sub it for the salmon's pub mashers!
Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillet
 So goooood! A quality fish but the highlight was the sauce on top, lemony with a hint of curry/cumin, definitely Thai-influenced. Served over a delicious mix of sautéed veggies.
I can't wait for the Ashland Mountain Challenge in 2012 so I can go here again!

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