Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Power Pancake!

I've made power pancakes before, but I can confidently say they were modeled/inspired by and don't live up to these. Other than Lenny and Larry's The Complete Cookie, these are a good buyable healthy tasty food!
Thanks to Alan at AbsClubLA where you can purchase these tasty and nutritious babies online!

Right now I only have the Chocolate Chip Hempseed flavor, but I really shouldn't say only.
I would say they are a cross between an epic breakfast oatmeal cookie without lots of oats and a chocolate chip pancake with some extra delicious dried fruit and seeds. And 100x more nutritious ingredients. Good on the go, or enjoy them at home after softening in the microwave if that's your thing or making them nice and toasty in a toaster/toaster oven.  Getting some nice warm melty chocolate chips is always a bonus. Could even top with nut butters, yogurt, etc for extra fun.
*I must mention that I toasted one with some coconut butter to melt all over the top and it was off the hook!
I love dates and chocolate. Enough said. Just try them!
Thankfully, they are wheat free, so the gluten content is low in the rye flour. Also no dairy so happy digestion all around (no eggs either for the vegan fans out there).

Great for pre or post workout nutrition, providing plenty of carb fuel/refuel along with just enough fat and protein for fuel/rebuilding, but not overworked digestion (and not super high glycemic raising sugar carbs that will just make you crash/not last long either).  I also use them for longer lasting exercise like rides well over 2 hours.
At $2 a pancake (plus discounts!) they are competitively priced for buying what I would consider an unprocessed real food that is excellent on the go or pairing with exercise/workouts.  Far more nutrients (and same calories/$) than what you get in your standard $2 sports bar!

I'm really excited to get my hands on the Carob Chip and Mango flavors!

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