Monday, January 9, 2012

Proper Fueling with Many Feasts

My family friend wanted to cook a feast together.
My Plate Clockwise from Bottom Left: Chicken Tagine, Leeks from Tagine, Sweet Potato Turnip Bake, Persimmon Salad, Kale Salad
I mainly made this Persimmon Salad and my chicken tagine, but using the actual recipe with 1.5 chickens!  The salad wasn't really my style, heavy on the fruit, but fairly tasty nonetheless. The leek mixture from the chicken was probably my favorite, along with the Sweet Potato-Turnip combo from the same recipe as the chicken. Could of eaten it for days!
 Owen cutting Shallots for the Sweet Potatoes
 Tagine Check
The Crew

Then I prepared another feast for my friends.
The buffet line up (close to far): Baked Turnips, Baked Sweet Potatoes/Yam, Roasted Bacon Brussels, Sous Vide Grass Fed Steak
I baked the potatoes and turnips the same as for the first feast because they are too good. A tad spicy a tad herby and a tad sweet.
My Plate
 I also made a Balsamic Reduction with simple Balsamic Vinegar and Ghee (2 cups and 1.5T ea.) which I am stoked to have leftovers on. It's sweet and delicious on everything and easy to make, just boil down to reduce by half, mix and serve.
 First time making Bacon Brussel Sprouts (of course I've tasted and loved them many times), and was very pleased (along with everyone else).  I used Bacon Trimmings which were cheaper from El Salchichero (coming from Devil's Gulch where I ride road to in Nicasio), and just sliced/cooked some up in a pan, poured the grease into a baking tray, put the prepared Sprouts on, and then scattered the bacon pieces throughout and baked with the other dishes at 400ยบ F for 30 minutes or so until soft all the way through.

For the steak I used some Herbs mainly Rosemary with the Sous Vide, cooked to perfect medium rare and then seared the outside afterwards in a tiny bit of the Balsamic Sauce. So tender!

Now onto some more elementary feasting...Post long ride base training! I've been putting in a lot of 4-5 hour rides and it's hard to eat enough carbs afterwards. I need to hit 500 per day which means if there's no lunch involved because of my ride i've got a small window afterwards to cram. It's kind of fun.
 I've been having something along the lines of 2 servings of Gu Recovery Brew Strawberry Watermelon (50g ea.), a sweet potato or yam, a persimmon or plantain or blueberries, and for yesterday a few dates/dried cranberries as well. And an extra scoop of whey protein. Then an hour later I'll eat my meal which has another sweet potato/kabocha squash/chestnuts and some nice meat. Massive.
 These 'ice cream' bowls have been awesome.
  • 2 out of the 6 scoops of Gu Recovery Mix
  • 150g Blueberries (frozen)
  • 12g Whey Protein (1 scoop)
  • Vanilla Extract and Cinnamon
  • Dates/Cranberries/Yam Optional
I hit 4 out of the 6 scoops of Gu Recovery first to get the speedy fiberless absorption before the even more delicious fruit/vegetable concoction (I should take the skin off for even less fiber but it's too delicious).

While on the topic of eating lots of carbs I tried using fit day and it's pretty cool. Here's how it came out:

I was trying to eat less fiber because without grains it's easy to get too much.
Increasing my carb intake at the right times (pre-post-during) has really helped my training and haven't gained an ounce of weight!


  1. The baked turnips look fantastic! How do you make them?

  2. NIce work man! Seriously, we need to hang out and cook and eat. Real talk no homo

  3. @chuck yeah for real. no mtb racing is going down for me in florida this year, but if you ever come out west...

    The turnips (3 large) are easy, peel and cut into big pieces, toss with melted ghee, 1/3 a chopped onion, turmeric and the spice mixture from the recipe posted, and fresh cilantro or parsley, S&P if desired. Bake at 400 until soft (just over an hour for me)


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