Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cookies included!

 I made amazing oatmeal cookies, using some of my knowledge/experience and a combo of two different recipes.  These ones have an egg but coconut oil instead of butter, and are topped with raspberries baked into them. They came out perfectly chewy, giant, and good. One step closer to perfection (and matching the cookies from Mogul's coffee in whistler).
dinner thanks to mom (well the chicken and salad at least, the rest is woodlands made).  rosemary oven baked chicken, butternut squash with onion and dried cranberries, peas with shallots and mint, greens salad, garlic spinach, and some avocado and hummus to mix in.  I got the ginger ale because I need glass bottles to finally bottle my kombucha!
Breakfast was yogurt, muesli, raspberries, and honey.
Getting sick of blogging every meal, so i'm just going to do super epic meals from now on.  

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  1. ok i'll stop after this comment. these cookies look scrumptious. pebbohlz told me how much you liked those cookies in whistler. i must try one day


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