Sunday, October 10, 2010

Smoothies, Sushi, Muffins, French, Butternut Squash

Sunday Dinner:
-Butternut Squash with olive oil, OJ, rosemary, salt and pepper
-Farro with sundried tomato
-Halibut cooked with spices, Carrots, and Fennel, and Lemon
-Broccoli with hummus
Sunday Lunch
-Grape Kombucha (this turned out perfectly, solid carbonation and the homejuiced grapejuice added the best flavor)
-Citrus Salad: spinach, grapefruit slices, raspberries, yellow aroma tomato, olive oil and lemon juice
-Turkey sando on whole wheat loaf with avocado, some dijon mustard and olive oil
Pumkin Oat Bran Pecan Muffins!
First time creation (trying to imitate ones from Whistler), pretty damn close to my goal for the first try. Epic. Eaten for post surf/dessert/breakfast

Got stuck in the city after surfing on saturday due to fleet week traffic so ate at Rigolo in Cal Hallow. Pretty good french food!
-Beet salad with fennel and citrus vinaigrette
-Ratatouille: stewed vegetables in tomato soup with polenta cakes topped w/ watercress salad

Friday Dessert
-Parfait: smoothie leftover from earlier (see below), pecans, galaxy granola, and yogurt

King of the Roll Dinner with Seth
-Two make temaki (cone rolls), one tuna and one salmon with avocado
-Nigiri sushi, 2 maguro (tuna) and 2 sake (salmon)
-extra ginger!
Afternoon smoothie: carrot/celery juice, frozen banana, strawberries, almonds, dates, pecans
Lunch=dinner leftovers with black beans and flax seeds added
-Roasted carrots, hummus, fennel, sauteed mushrooms and onion, brown rice
-Banana nut oatmeal with maple syrup, soymilk, almonds and some grapes

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