Monday, December 20, 2010

Apple Oat Bran Muffins/Nobakebars + Tahoe

Pictures are somewhat the highlight of this post

#1 These are so good for so many applications.  Perfect amount of sweet, good fat, protein, and carb for so many situations: night time snack, dessert, post workout, pre workout, during workout, part of a meal.
New restaurant: Twenty Two
Wanted to try out the new addition to Squaw. Got the Seared Ahi Tuna Salad, which was pretty good. Nothing off the charts, but a respectable ahi tuna salad.  The sesame dressing was notable along with the 'avocado wasabi' sauce. #2 Can't go wrong with Seared Ahi Tuna. Might try to do my own soon.
Went to the Wild Flower Bakery at Squaw to get an epic chocolate chip cookie and bring back old memories from being on Squaw Team.  I also had the 'veggie egg' bagel on multi grain bread with no cheese, which was decent with sweet relish and spicy mustard.  The cookie was where it's at though, they are thick, chewy, and have either bittersweet or dark chocolate chips
 A No Bake Bar to go with some Snow-Shredding
 The muffin went perfectly with a bit of yogurt and blueberries. #3 I definitely enjoy muffins or quick breads with yogurt. It's kind of like frosting.
Apple+Stevia Supply = Muffin Time
Wanted to try infusing stevia into a baked good to replace sugar, so I tried out this recipe, using soymilk, apple sauce, adding flax meal and oat bran, and dried cherries in addition to the raisins.  They came out delish! Still sweet and epic for breakfast, but not too sweet and dessert like. #4 Cooking fresh fruit into baked goods makes life better. The apple is what makes these come to life.

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