Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chicken Tagine done right, Persimmon Milkshake

Did it BIG for dinner today.  I restocked my kitchen with lots of much needed ingredients after an EPIC food shopping. Can't wait to not go to school and run my own kitchen.
My plate
 The Heart and Soul
Went with the classic Chicken Tagine meal, but actually used all the right ingredients like olives, cilantro, and apricots.  I want to make some of my own tweaks like using fennel again, but we'll see.  Accompanied by Roasted Cumin Spiced Sweet Potato Chips and a Lemon Sesame Vinaigrette Salad.  So delicious!
-Boneless skinless chicken thigh
leeks (so key), garlic, lemon, olive oil, almonds, apricot, olives
-Spice mixture: ground carraway, star anise, coriander, mustard seed, topped with cilantro
-Spiced Sweet potato thinly sliced and roasted with lemon, cumin, olive oil, salt n' peppa
-Salad with Lemon, Olive Oil, Rice wine vinegar, sesame seed oil, and cilantro
No fluid recovery today! I ran out, which led me to use the awesome vanilla whey powder I have. Holy crap! one of the best recovery creations in a while. It tasted just like a Vanilla Persimmon Milkshake if there was one.
-vanilla whey
- left over electrolyte mix (diluted lemon cytomax) from my ride
-some ice
-1 PERFECT ripe Fuyu Persimmon
Same as Dinner from before, but isolated
I really got a much better sense of the flavor of this dish when eating it as an entire meal instead of accompanied by salad and beans (which were not consistent with the theme).  Full on Asian Sesame Ginger Flavor for sure.  #2 I did supplement extra soy sauce, sesame oil, and almonds, which made it extra bomb.  those ingredients do a lot.

More time at home!
Some California Dream Tea (some black/green combo mix) sweetened with Stevia to accompany a bowl of many identities oatmeal. You could say it's almond vanilla? or cinnamon apple? pomegranate cranberry? all of the above. It worked, trust me. #3 Sometimes you don't need a consistent theme for food to taste good, just a bunch of yummy flavors together!
-Cinnamon Apple cooked Oats
-Pomegranate, Cranberries, Almonds, Hazelnuts
-Almond Oil, Cinnamon, Vanilla Hemp Powder
-Soymilk, Agave Nectar

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