Saturday, December 18, 2010

Citrus Spice Thai Cuisine and A Real Photo!

 Two treats today.  I tried out some Thai food at Citrus and Spice on 4th street in San Rafael, and used a real camera for the breakfast photo!  
P.S. Be prepared for an epic post tomorrow, I already ate the amazing Raspberry Waffles which will be featured and plan to bake some more goodies!
 Super High Quality Special Brown Rice and Ultimate Pad Thai
 Yellow Sweet Potato Coconut Curry w/ Chicken
 Sauteed Basil Eggplant w/ Tofu
Wow. I know where i'm going on my birthday dinner!  This place was recommended to me by my coach, Dario Fredrick, and since we have similar taste and cooking styles, I new I wouldn't be let down. It is not too expensive, has a nice feng shui/atmosphere, and super pleasant communicative staff.  Everything on the menu looked amazing but we split up the three dishes above. I normally can't eat pad thai b/c of the peanuts, but this was the first time you could actually separate them out. I was STOKED!
-Sweet Potato Yellow Curry: Milder yellow curry with sweet potato, bell pepper, carrots & chicken or tofu
-Sauteed Basil & Eggplant: A sian eggplant, fried shiitake mushroom, bell, fried tofu or chicken 
    -The Basil and some other sweet ingredient I can't figure out makes this dish full of flavor, and the mushrooms and tofu had a little crunch which was great
-Ultimate Pad Thai™ Choose Classic or Virgin, with egg prawn, chicken, pumpkin, broccoli, carrot,
egg & asparagus with cucumber, feta cheese, peanut & red onion on the side
   -First time pad thai experience was amazing!

Quick Favorite Trio of Flavors for Lunch
Went with the easy spinach and brown rice combo with the three essential flavors: cranberryhummus, and almond.  So easy to throw together and so good and nutritious!
-Brown rice, Spinach and Arugula, Broccoli
-Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce, Almond Butter, Hummus
I really should spend less time cooking and more time with my camera, but it doesn't taste as good...
Another Muesli combo this morning, Pomegranate-Blueberry themed.  It wasn't sweet enough at first until I got the honey and cinnamon levels correct, which really made the dish come alive!
-My Muesli Combo
-Almonds, hazelnuts, dried cranberries
-Pomegranate and Blueberry
-Soymilk, Lemon, Honey, Cinnamon

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