Monday, March 14, 2011

Mediterranean in a previous life!

Lunch and dinner today were both heavily influenced by my epic feast at Rumi last night celebrating my win! Can't get enough of Mediterranean food! Less cooking but more tastiness!
The Rumi Influence
   Combination of leftovers and some needed to be cooked vegetables created this meal.  I still didn't have enough Mediterranean food in me so I made Tzatziki (yogurt cucumber awesomeness). I also whipped up the classic Garlic Thyme Chard which is also impossible to mess up.  All the foods I decided to eat in combination were the key to this meal, it was amazing. And the little bit of cooking I did do for the Yogurt Sauce and Chard. #1 The chard was amazing with a bit of hummus, and everything else went perfectly mixed with a little yogurt sauce and pita. The Carrot soup is from woodlands but wasn't good so I didn't eat it...
-Leftover Brown Jasmine Rice and Pita
-Spring Mix, Cucumber Tomato, Garbanzos
-Leftover Hummus + Steamed Carrot
-Rainbow Chard (Olive Oil, Garlic, Thyme, Sea Salt and Pepper)
-Tzatziki (Greek Yogurt, Dill Weed, Mint, Garlic, Vinegar, Olive Oil, Cucumber, Green Onion)
   I combined the leftover Meyer Lemon Garlic Chicken from my race prep dinner with all the Rumi leftovers for this epic lunch. It was all perfect together. Too many delicious fresh herbs, spices, and flavors going on to count. You'll have to see the previous posts to dissect the experience.
From Rumi: 
-Jasmine Rice with Saffron, Caramelized Onion, and Zereshk
-Fresh Herbs (Coriander Leaves and Anise I think)
-House Salad
-Tahini Sauce
-Tiny Falafel
From Me:
-Garlic Lemon Chicken with Almonds and Leeks

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