Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Much Bungalow Munch-Cacao Nib Edition! and Super Lentil Soup

At first I thought I couldn't eat granola for breakfast on school days because it's less clean, has less protein, and usually more sugar and fat then oats, but I proved my self wrong and am stoked!
Clean Protein Munch
Since I'm inching away from soy which normally supplies extra protein, I came up with this. Unsweetened Almond Milk goes perfectly due to the nutty nature of the granola and makes the perfect amount of sugar from berries and granola with fat from granola. Just no need to add any extra nuts/seeds/nut butter. #1 Then the other key is protein from sprouted quinoa! Just sprinkle it in simple as that! Plus it makes a more seedy yet still roasted and delicious breakfast.
  • 1/3c Bungalow Munch, 3t Sprouted Quinoa
  • Pomegranate
  • Almond Milk
To continue the stokage on eating granola for breakfast more often, Jeri has been experimenting with a Cacao Nib version of Bungalow Munch, and I got to test!
Cacao Nib Munch Part 1
The cacao nibs are mixed in just enough to give it a nice dark chocolate touch, not a bitter cacao nib sensation like if you try to eating them straight. They also seem mixed into the granola much better than if you just add them yourself, sort of becoming more infused? They turn an already delicious granola into what could be viewed as a chocolatey dessert treat, or a breakfast for chocolate lovers! It also pairs with this awesome coconut yogurt I'm finally trying perfectly for a chocolate coconut crunch fest. Such a creamy and crunchy bowl, not actually too sweet or dessert-y in my opinion. It isn't as sweet as one might expect, although I wouldn't mix it with sweetened milk/yogurt or any additional sweetener, it's just right! I still had to try it with banana rather than blueberries.
  • 55g Cacao Nib Bungalow Munch
  • Blueberries
  • 4oz So Delicious Coconut Yogurt

More soy-freedom for me, again I just don't have to add any extra source of fat since it provides enough. This may answer my dairy free, soy free yogurt dilemma! It tastes just like a coconut pudding dessert (Huapia) super caloric/high in fat but its actually only 7g of fat in an entire container. Just a real creamy coconut-y experience! the only downside to this stuff is its not the cheapest thing on the market but it's easily worth it every once in a while. #2 When I eat breakfasts like these with less protein I just pack a hardboiled egg white to snack on later for when I get hungry. Which I will fairly soon!
Whoa! Almond milk is almost as creamy as coconut but way more nutty and therefore has more pizazz than coconut, requiring less sweetener from the other accompaniments. Of course the banana compliments the cacao nibs (and nut milk) perfectly for banana-chocolatey nut experience. I also noticed that the cacao nib version stayed more crunchy overall despite my early nut milk addition since I had to bring it to school (unlike before when it got more like soggy cereal during transport).
  • 55g Cacao Nib Bungalow Munch
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1/2 Banana
Upgrade: Lentil Soup
I used to have this all the time, but now take it to new heights. Before, it was always the soup mix in less water then instructed, and add additional canned lentil mixes along with some fresh vegetables and a bit of spice. I dropped the canned part and added the water, but then upped the vegetables, herbs, and spices. It came out with so many yummy flavors! Basically use whatever vegetables seem good from the fridge/need to go (like always with soup). The fresh herb and spice combo is now dialed. The addition of almond oil is strong but tasty, so I may go a little lighter on that next time. #3 I just boiled the mix as instructed and added vegetables at the right times to cook them evenly, and then mixed in the spice combo and oil. The garnish makes it even tastier and more fancy. Phenomenal!
  • Allesi Sicillian Lentil Soup Mix
    • Star Anise, Carraway Seed, Fennel Seed Powder, Cumin
    • Almond Oil and Olive Oil
  • Carrots (Yellow/Orange), Zucchini Squash, Fennel
  • Sliced Almonds
  • Green Onion, Basil, Fennel Garnish


    1. I am on a cacao nibs kick right now. I love their bitterness!
      Sometimes I'll stir some protein powder into my almond milk when i eat it with cereal or granola for a little extra protein.

    2. I don't use microwaves for anything either. I've tried the conventional oven and the toaster and think I get better results with the toaster oven. In the conventional oven at 375F for 30 minutes it's still gooey in the center, but at 350F for 30 minutes in the toaster oven it's perfect, so I'd go with that! I think the toaster oven works better because it's smaller so less area for the heat to go. Let me know if you have any trouble with it! I've also used ground oats with success instead of the buckwheat, so it's super versatile. :)

    3. now I just need to invest in a toaster oven! i've wanted one forever...

      i was doing protein powder in my breakfasts before but then got kind of sick of it because of the test/less bioavailability of the nutrition, but am getting back into it again. check the most recent post!


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