Monday, October 10, 2011

Persimmons and Pumpkin Smoothie Epic Bowl Fun

I've finally jumped onto the Fall Bandwagon! Pumpkin Pie Spices (I don't have the actual mix), Pumpkin, and Persimmon in everything! My favorite time of year (been waiting for persimmons for so long!!!).
Bam: First Fall Breakfast!
I have been into using the frozen Acai Smoothie Packs from my freezer and they've been making some epic bowls. This one went:
  • Acai
  • Pumpkin
  • Persimmon
  • Hazelnut Butter and Macadamia Nuts
  • Pumpkin Pie Spices (Ginger, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cloves)
  • Vanilla Protein Powder
I'm burned out on cloves since I hit them heavy handed a few times and ruined too many foods.  Hazelnut goes epicly with the spices though, and the persimmons are sweet and creamy within the amalgamation of yummy vanilla protein and acai. Also more of my new favorite hot cocoa (note that delicious melty drop of coconut oil, mmmm).
This time in the bowl went:
  • Pumpkin (maybe 1/4c)
  • 1T Chia Seeds
  • 2 Scoops Vanilla Whey
  • 2-3T Nonfat Greek Yogurt
  • Pumpkin Pie Spices
  • Topped with a bunch of Melty Coconut Butter
  • Persimmon
At this point when I open a can of pumpkin I can just eat it straight without any extra sweetener or spices, but I've held back for the most part to make it even better first...
The Turtle Shell Chocolate Sauce - Coconut Butter trick is quite delicious (fun?), and I definitely enjoy pumpkin pie flavoring (I've literally had it in so many smoothies/recovery drinks/breakfast bowls recently), but also the Vanilla Whey with Chia Seeds combo makes an epic vanilla poppy seed theme/texture.
I also experimented with Pumpkin Pie Hot Cocoa. Pretty good (just added Pumpkin Pie Spices and 1-2T Pumpkin to my regular combo), although definitely something to be in the mood for since my regular mix is so tasty already. I might try way more pumpkin next time.

*On a side note hard boiled egg yolks mix into the pumpkin quite well for a pleasant creamy taste (I definitely mixed some hard boiled eggs into my pumpkin breakfast bowls a couple of times).

Here's another meal replacement/recovery smoothie party I had:
I went with:

  • Frozen Banana + Blueberries
  • Vanilla Whey Protein
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Ginger Juice/Ginger Powder
  • a Persimmon, Macadamias, Coconut Flakes, Cacao Nibs, and a Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroon mixed in
These Cocoroons are straight up dangerous. Way too good.
It was creamy, gingery, sweet and full of delicious cookie like crunchies. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Enough said.

Now I just have to step it up and actually bake with pumpkin and persimmon instead of being lazy and eating them in quickie breakfast bowls/smoothies!  Stay tuned...


  1. Those are some wild combos bro! Love it! What does a persimmon taste like?

    What kind of coconut butter do you use? I'm loving mixing coconut cream with almond butter

  2. do you mean coconut creamer? I have artisana coconut butter.

    my almond butter likes to hang out with my cinnamon and greek or as of now goat's yogurt.

    a persimmon looks like an orange roma tomato but tastes like a creamy sweet peach with juicy tomato/plum texture.


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