Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebratory Lydia's Feast, Pumpkin Complete Cookie, Veggie Burger Deluxe

Lydia's Feast
I won't lie, this is from Sunday, but i'll post it now anyways. After a successful race on Sunday and getting into the rest of the colleges I applied to (that's 7 for 7!), I was in Fairfax anyways so celebrated at Lydia's Kitchen with my parents. We got three dishes to share, plus I also had some delicious Fig Juice (plus some of my dad's Ginger Lemonade), and then a sampling of desserts! The juice was really good, kind of like a more interesting cranberry juice, and the desserts were totally justifiable nutritionally and had plenty of yummy carob and coconut. You can't go wrong. Now that I can eat Walnuts in small quantities, I decided to go for some cashews as well, and it made this meal! I didn't die! They are both basically a minor ingredient in everything.  The menu has many raw (not heated over 90ยบ) options, but other cooked ones too. The wrap was cooked but the other dishes were raw, yet they were all delightful. I don't know how they get the vegetables to be so tender and soft in the curry without cooking them, but they absorbed all the epic curry flavor and were delicious!
-Fusion Wrap (a delicious fluffy Buckwheat Crepe Wrap)
    -Kale, Quinoa Burger Bits, Brown Rice, Avocado, Vegan Pesto Sauce, Fresh Basil
-Middle Eastern Plate
   -Dolmas w/ Raw 'Rice', Coconut Almond Hummus, Lydia Crackers, Sesame Dill Sauce, Greek Salad
-Purple Goddess Salad
   -purple cabbage*, carrots*, beets*, kale*, dulse seaweed*, kalamata olives, parsley*, olive oil*, apple cider vinegar*, dill*
-Curry Plate (Delicious creamy curried vegetables!!!)
   -*Cauliflower, *broccoli, *cabbage, *carrots, *coconut, *cashews, *sunflower seeds, *red bell pepper, *peas, *parsley, *cilantro, *curry powder, salt & .
* Organic
Lenny and Larry Pumpkin Complete Cookie
Basically, Lenny and Larry have the cookie thing down, with nutritious ingredients/balance and epic texture/composition. Now add in your favorite Pumpkin and Cinnamon flavor and this is what you get. Similar to the Pumpkin Muffin, but denser, chewier, slightly sweeter, and more prevalent cinnamon! I love the Complete Cookies.
Veggie Burger-Veggie Deluxe
When I finally got to food shop at Good Earth in Fairfax I saw they had their own veggie patties, so I decided to try them. They are dialed! A nice combo of millet, garbanzo flour, and other vegetables. Kind of a cross between a falafel and a veggie burger, which I don't mind at all. Probably better overall but potentially equal to the Black Bean Chipotle Burger you can buy (depends what your in the mood for/like). Enjoyed with my usual fixings, plus a worthy new addition of wild mushrooms. These are so good even by themselves just steamed a bit. #2 Not sure what kind they are, but I basically decided that any of the tender, small frizzly kind are really good and way butter than your standard bland button mushrooms.
-SooFoo Brown Rice
-Tahini, Garlic Salsa
-Grilled Brussel Sprouts (Mustard Seed, Salt/Pepper, medium high heat in a grill pan)
-Steamed Rosemary Carrots and Wild Mushrooms
-Cilantro and Green Onion
Lydia's Leftovers
I took the leftover salads and Coconut Almond Hummus from my Lydia's feast and just added some sprouted quinoa I got from good earth. #3 You can buy sprouted quinoa in the bulk foods section and just eat it straight up! The easiest source of healthy carb/protein ever.  It turned some delicious salad and 'hummus' into a crunchy flavorful amalgamation with the necessary nutrition as well! No prep required.
-Coconut Almond Hummus, Green Goddess Salad Leftovers
-Sprouted Quinoa

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